What Happened to Children’s TV?

Do you remember this great show? Boy — this brought back the memories! I loved watching this as a kid. I giggled and laughed through all the Muppets’ antics . I loved Animal — he was my favorite — and of course Kermit. I couldn’t wait until the end of the week when the next show would come on.

So what’s with TV now? You can turn on a kids program at any time during the day. Cable stations are devoted to kids shows. No more waiting until the blessed Saturday morning to watch your favorite shows. Now there is entertainment for your kids everywhere on the cable schedule. And while all the educational programming is great — sometimes the silliness of being silly is missing. We can’t be serious all the time as a kid, can we?

I do miss the old days.
Muppet Show IntroClick here for more free videos


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