How to start a holiday tradition

Have you ever wondered how a holiday tradition is started? I’ve wondered and learned that it’s by accident.

My “accidental” tradition is now held each year on December 23rd. We enjoy a picnic on the floor of the living room, complete with red and white gingham tablecloth. I put together a spread of Hickory Farms sausage, cheeses, crackers, fruits, veggies with dip and popcorn chicken. Fancy crystal glasses are also retrieved from the cabinet so we can all enjoy sparkling juice and feel like royalty.

When Joshua was 3 years old, I surprised the kids with this identical indoor picnic. I had them wait in the other room with Dad while I prepared the dinner, turned off all the lights but the Christmas lights and candles. We watched a Christmas movie (I think this first year it was “Annabelle’s Wish”) and enjoyed being together alone as a family before we started the busy Christmas Eve day schedule.

The following year, Matt, then 9 years old, reminded me of this “tradition”and stated all the details from the previous year that I was not to forget. It is amazing how you discover what things are important to your kids.

So now, each year on December 23rd, we have our traditional Christmas picnic feast. I’m not sure what movie we’ll we’ll watch this year, (it may be two!) but whatever it is, it will be another precious memory to savor.


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