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Divine Intervention

What an interesting dinner Matt, Josh and I had on Friday evening. After Chris left for work, the boys and I headed into town (in other words, Bee Cave), since I still needed to complete a couple errands. We stopped at Taco Bell (I was out voted) and while Josh and I waited at our table for Matt to bring our tray of tasty (??) burritos, the lady sitting at the table behind us remarked what a nice family I had. (To tell you the truth, both my boys WERE well behaved and enjoyable that evening!)

As we got ready to leave, Josh and I went to the soda fountain for refills, and when I turned around, Matt was talking with this same person who sat behind us. As I approached them, the lady smiled and said that she could tell that we “were a Christian family; I can see the peace around you.” She appeared quite impressed with Matt, and after some conversation, asked my permission if she could pray for him.

I could definitely sense that this lady was most sincere; she had told us that she was waiting to go to a bible study (I saw her materials on the table), and that she found it such a privilege to pray for people. Matt also gave his permission and she clasped his right hand in both of hers and with an obvious gift of discernment, related to Matt his strengths and gave a blessing on him for his future.

She was quite accurate as she described his spirit. She related to him that he had a love for people and he will become a great leader like King David because of the love others will have for him. She encouraged him as a warrior, for he will have to stand up for what is right and make decisions that may not be popular with others.

I watched Matt’s face; he was entranced and deeply touched at this lady’s remarks. When she finished, we talked for a couple more moments and left the restaurant. When we got to the car, parked near the restaurant door, Matt said that he wanted to return a comment card because of the employee who fixed his order for him. He quickly finished the card and returned into the store to put the card in the box by the door. When he returned, he looked confused.

“Mom, when I went in to return that card, the lady was gone.”
“What do you mean, ‘gone’?”
“She was gone. All her stuff was gone from the table and it didn’t even look like she had been there. I didn’t see her leave, did you?”

No, we were parked by the door and I didn’t see her leave. There was no other door of the store where she could have exited without seeing her. Matt said that the table was empty, appeared wiped off and the chair pushed in. He had only been at the car about 30 seconds.

As we pulled out and drove away, we circled the building, but didn’t see her. Maybe she was in the restroom, but if so, she certainly moved very quickly to pack up her things after we left.

It was a moment in time that Matt is likely not to forget. He talked about it the rest of the evening.

“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.” – Hebrews 13:2 (NIV)


I am Angie . . . and I have an addiction . . .

to Sudoku!
I haven’t played the number puzzle very long, maybe about six months. I learned how to play online, so the game could tell me if I was right or wrong. Since then, I would normally play a game occasionally online or in a magazine, but it wasn’t until that fateful day in the week before Christmas when I purchased a Sudoku book at the grocery store’s magazine stand. I have become obsessed! I want to solve each puzzle and do not stop until each number has been filled in its rightful square.

It’s a quiet addiction, one that I don’t think my family knows about yet. I work on my puzzles while watching TV, and no one has really suspected. I have advanced to the medium puzzles which some times will take longer, and I can lose track of time quickly. If I get stuck, and at the last resort mind you, I will go to the answers and fill in just the middle box, so I can finish it. After all, wouldn’t it be wasteful if I didn’t complete each puzzle that I paid for?

I’m getting worried about what will happen when I get to the “Hard” and the “Challenger” puzzles in the book.

Oh, and did I mention that my sweet hubby gifted me with a Nintendo DS for Christmas? Just take a guess at what I purchased as my first game?

Do you think I may need an intervention for Sudoku? Or an intervention for perfectionism?

New Year’s Resolutions

Sometimes TV re-runs are fun — you can catch something you missed on an episode the first time around, or finally enjoy an episode that you never was able to view.

I have decided that this year, I am going to do a re-run of last year’s resolution: mostly because I think I can do better, but like TV reruns, I will be able to enjoy some things I’ve missed.

My resolution for 2009 is to read more. Read more novels, read more non-fiction, read more of my bible. Many times I get lazy and just reach for the TV remote instead. In doing so, I know that I’m missing out on some incredible adventures and the opportunity to rev up and train my brain!

I am not going to set a goal of “2 books a month” or anything like that. Instead, I’m going to make the effort of putting down the remote more often and pick up a book from my stuffed bookcases to rewind at night.

Just a couple of the books I want to read that are on my bookshelf right now: “The Shack” by Wm. Paul Young, “Skin” by Ted Dekker, and “The Beloved Disciple” by Beth Moore. I’m also trying to finish the new books by Mike Huckabee and Victoria Osteen that I borrowed from the library.

What are you going to read this year??