New Year’s Resolutions

Sometimes TV re-runs are fun — you can catch something you missed on an episode the first time around, or finally enjoy an episode that you never was able to view.

I have decided that this year, I am going to do a re-run of last year’s resolution: mostly because I think I can do better, but like TV reruns, I will be able to enjoy some things I’ve missed.

My resolution for 2009 is to read more. Read more novels, read more non-fiction, read more of my bible. Many times I get lazy and just reach for the TV remote instead. In doing so, I know that I’m missing out on some incredible adventures and the opportunity to rev up and train my brain!

I am not going to set a goal of “2 books a month” or anything like that. Instead, I’m going to make the effort of putting down the remote more often and pick up a book from my stuffed bookcases to rewind at night.

Just a couple of the books I want to read that are on my bookshelf right now: “The Shack” by Wm. Paul Young, “Skin” by Ted Dekker, and “The Beloved Disciple” by Beth Moore. I’m also trying to finish the new books by Mike Huckabee and Victoria Osteen that I borrowed from the library.

What are you going to read this year??


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