I am Angie . . . and I have an addiction . . .

to Sudoku!
I haven’t played the number puzzle very long, maybe about six months. I learned how to play online, so the game could tell me if I was right or wrong. Since then, I would normally play a game occasionally online or in a magazine, but it wasn’t until that fateful day in the week before Christmas when I purchased a Sudoku book at the grocery store’s magazine stand. I have become obsessed! I want to solve each puzzle and do not stop until each number has been filled in its rightful square.

It’s a quiet addiction, one that I don’t think my family knows about yet. I work on my puzzles while watching TV, and no one has really suspected. I have advanced to the medium puzzles which some times will take longer, and I can lose track of time quickly. If I get stuck, and at the last resort mind you, I will go to the answers and fill in just the middle box, so I can finish it. After all, wouldn’t it be wasteful if I didn’t complete each puzzle that I paid for?

I’m getting worried about what will happen when I get to the “Hard” and the “Challenger” puzzles in the book.

Oh, and did I mention that my sweet hubby gifted me with a Nintendo DS for Christmas? Just take a guess at what I purchased as my first game?

Do you think I may need an intervention for Sudoku? Or an intervention for perfectionism?


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