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Book Review: “Grown Up Friendships” by Lisa Welchel

I was quite pleased to have the opportunity to read Lisa’s latest book.  I have read several other books by Lisa, and I’m never disappointed; I always relate to what she shares to her readers.  The same goes for this new release.  She is transparent and authentic; she is sincere as she tells her story about the ups and downs of forming true relationships as an adult, renewing old friendships in a new way, and trying to resurrect friendships, only to realize that it is time to move on. 
Although her background is very different than most of us, the needs that she has and wants in her friendships ring incredibly true for most of us as well.  
Everyone can relate to a story, and Lisa tells her own story with grace and openness.  You cannot help but relate to many areas of her journey and cheer her on in her endeavor to form lasting and safe relationships. 
While her journey has taken a different path than my own in the last few years, I have absorbed many nuggets of truth that I will be able to transfer into my own life and relationships.
This is a book that I will definitely reread, simply because of the insights that are good to revisit.