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Review: "An Amish Love"

I received this book to review from BookSneeze just last week and finished it over the weekend!  This book is an easy and lovely read; perfect for a relaxing weekend.

“An Amish Love” contains three novellas from three different authors, yet the storylines tie together as if they were written by one writer.  The stories center around three Amish families in Paradise, Pennsylvania,  focusing on different struggles they faced:  a couple’s marriage based on a lie, a prodigal son, and an empty nest couple rebuilding their relationship after a year long separation.  While the book is an enjoyable read, it also represents to the reader that all families can have struggles, regardless of who they are and where they live.  It is also a reminder of the importance of honesty, forgiveness and second chances in relationships.

As a twist, there is a readers group guide in the back of the book to be for small group discussion and even a few traditional Amish recipes.

I can highly recommend this book — great for a weekend and gift idea.


Review: "Everything Christmas"

I had the opportunity to review the book, “Everything Christmas” published by Waterbrook Press for Blogging for Books.  This book was a wonderful compliation of “all things Christmas”, from inspiring stories to traditional recipes, from song origins to cultural Christmas dinners.  All these tidbits of history and Christmas cheer are broken down into daily doses for Advent, and it is a wonderful volume to bring out every year. 

What I enjoyed about the book was the many facts and lessons throughout that I could share with my children. There was much inspiration from the book’s stories of hope and Christmas miracles.  We loved reading the history behind some of our cherished Christmas carols, and learning what other countries typically serve for their Christmas dinners.  Want to know what really goes into making figgy pudding or oyster dressing?  You’ll find the recipes in the book, along with simple gift making ideas as well.  Want to know the origin of the Christmas tree?  It’s there, along with so many other treasures for everyone in the family, for any age. 

I recommend getting this book and sharing it with your family at dinnertime or bedtime each day of Advent.  You’ll be surprised at what your family will remember and learn about Christmas!