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Book Review: "Love and Respect

I received this book from in exchange for my review.  This book has been on my “want to read” list for some time, and was recommended by several friends, so I was eager to start reading it. 

The author gives his extensive research on how love and respect is treated within marriage, and how important it is for the wife to give the needed respect to her husband and how this helps to reciprocate love from the husband.  After Dr. Eggerichs explains the real way Ephesians 4:33 is supposed to work, it makes perfect sense to follow this concept in your marriage.  Just reading the first section of the book answered several of my questions and gives a great foundation.  However Dr. Eggeriches provides biblical direction and real life examples to take this concept to a deeper and successful level as a couple.

This book is definitely a “go-to” reference book on marriage.  I learned so much from this book, and will no doubt go back and reread portions in the future.


Book Review: “Lady in Waiting”

I had the opportunity to review another book for WaterBrook Multnomah called “Lady in Waiting”.  What intrigued me about the book was that it followed the story of two Janes – Jane Lindsay, a woman in her early 40s in the present day, and another very young teenage girl, Lady Jane Grey from the 16th century.
Jane Lindsay finds a ring in a shipment from a “jumble” sale for her antique store that was hidden in an old book.  Feeling a connection with the ring with an inscription to “Jane”, she begins to do research to find the origin of the ring, but during her journey, she also finds answers to her own present day struggles. 
Both Janes experienced life changing events in their lives, and this book chronicles each story, moving back and forth with ease and with an energy that keeps you reading to find out what happens next to Jane. 
I appreciated this novel for two reasons – it was refreshing to read a story about a woman who was the same age category as myself, experiencing the same feelings and struggles that I myself had experienced.  The added bonus was to read some historical fiction based on a time period that has always intrigued me. 
This was the first reading experience I’ve had with author Susan Meissner, and it surely won’t be the last.  A great weekend read!