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Book Review: Secrets of the Vine for Women

It’s summertime, and it is a great time to finish more books from my “gotta read” stack!  My two boys and I set aside a minimum of 30 minutes each day to get engrossed in our latest books.  We have all signed up for the summer reading programs at the Bee Cave Public Library, and Josh (my 8 year old) has already completed 400 minutes!  It is fun to pick out books with him and get him interested in the latest books series.  He loves Horrible Harry (by Suzy Kline) and is now starting the A to Z Mystery series (by Ron Roy).  It really is true that when you keep your child reading over the summer, they spend less time getting back into the groove when school starts again.  Matt (14 years old) is also reading several books from our personal book shelves, the latest being “The Compassionate Samurai” by Brian Klemmer.  Matt has learned and matured so much from the books he has read over the past few months — we are proud of him for taking the initiative to read more than just books for entertainment.  As for myself, I have also learned so much from the several books I’ve read lately — more than what I could ever post here!  Parenting, marriage, leadership and biblical training . . . . I am feeling the stretch marks! 

The book I finished today for Blogging for Books is “Secrets of the Vine for Women” by Darlene Marie Wilkinson, which is a small book but with a big message!.  She is the wife of author Bruce Wilkinson, who wrote the first Secrets of the Vine book.  Darlene Marie takes his book further by associating many of the teachings right to women. 

The book is based on John 15, where Jesus states the he is the vine, and we are the branches.  But what exactly was Jesus trying to explain by this example?  If it is hard to understand, it will become more clear as you read the author’s story of the vinedresser and his daughter, and how the vinedresser was able to make his vineyard prosper.  Through her story, we learn about how God is our Vinedresser, Jesus the Vine itself and how God is disciplining, pruning and abiding in us as the branches.  Another plus is the study guide in the back of the book for each chapter.  Although this is a short book to read, it is definitely one to read again while doing the study guide in order to get even more from the book.

I hope this is one book you will add to your “gotta read” stack soon.  Will you please vote for my review at Blogging for Books?