Are You Efficient or Effective?

The quote I am going to share today I just love.  I love all the variations of this quote; it makes so much sense.  This particular quote came from a little book called “The One Minute Organizer, Plain & Simple,” by Donna Smallin.  It’s full of quick to read, easy to implement ideas for the home.

“Next time you hear yourself complaining about not having TIME to get organized, stop.  All we have is time.  How we chose to use it is up to us.” 

I believe this quote is for ALL of life — not just when it comes to getting your home organized.  I would like to rephrase it as this:  “The next time you hear yourself complaining about how busy you are and you don’t have time, stop.  We all have the same 24 hours in the day as everyone else.  You are the one that needs to evaluate WHY you are so busy!”   Are you busy just to be busy?  Do you revel is being “so” busy?  Look at your schedule.  What is most important?  What need to be put aside?  You may be an efficient person and may be finishing your To Do list everyday, but it’s more about being effective and prioritizing the things that are truly important in the end.
When you decide to be more effective in life, you will create more positive results.  Isn’t that more beneficial for you and your family?  Efficiency, while good in its own way, just shows that you are busy, and maybe also practical and competent.  There is more to us than just efficiency, right?  As moms, we know we can make a real difference in the lives of others, not just be busy in our lives.
Yep.  Talking to myself today.  I can be great at efficiency, but consistently work at prioritizing so that I am effective.  When I prioritize, it’s amazing how the other things on my list that were oh, so important, are not so important anymore.

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