How to Help Those in West, TX

Devastation hit me as I found out about the explosion in West, Texas via Twitter just shortly before I was going to head to bed.  First thing this morning, I started tweeting those I follow who no doubt would be, or soon would be “in the know” about what Austinites can do to help. 

 So far today, this is what I have been able to gather from The Austinot, (@theAustinot), Way Out West Austin (@wowaustin)  and the Capital Area Food Bank (@CAFBTX):

(1) Visit a blood bank. Austin locations here:

(2) Make a donation to the Capital Area Food Bank. They are set up to send help to West.

(3) Fundraiser by Man Up Texas BBQ at la Barbecue on 4/28:
If you know of any other benefits or organization that are mobilizing to help our fellow Texans, please leave a comment below with a link or way to verify the information. I will continually update this post with any new information that I see or receive over the next couple days.

“Don’t Mess With Texas.”  We take care of our own, right?



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