#musesofamom: Four Ways to Help a Grieving Friend

When crisis and tragedy touch the lives of loved ones and friends, it is sometimes difficult to know the best way to respond to their circumstances.  What do I say?  What should I do?  How do I know that they want me to help?Oil painting by Ilya Yefimovich-Repin – 1869The Bible tells the ancient story of... Continue Reading →


#prayertag: The Power of Prayer and "The Army of One"

Update: (October 20, 2014) I received an email on Sunday, October 19th:"This is Denise. Mom went to meet Jesus about 12:30 this afternoon. Dad came home from church and found her already gone.  She must have just died as the table was set and food was out ready to be warmed up for lunch.  We... Continue Reading →

#musesofamom: How to Pray in Unity

Copy and share on your favorite social media page!For the entire month of July through my Muses of a Mom Facebook page, the entire community of girlfriends are praying for each other! It has been exciting to see the fulfillment of one of the teaching of Jesus from Matthew 18:20 (NIV) : “For where two or... Continue Reading →

#Prayertag: Praying for Each Other

Girlfriends ... Today is the start of a new month, and on my Facebook page, Muses of a Mom, I want to do something encouraging, powerful and earth-shaking in the lives of others: PRAYER! This is where I Need YOU:For the month of July, let's pray for each other who need the power of prayer. There... Continue Reading →

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